10 things you need to know about GoTo

Chances are, if you live on or have visited the Island, you’ve probably seen us around. Our vehicles are pretty recognisable. But how much do you actually know about Malta’s first vehicle-sharing service?

We’ve listed 10 take-home factors that we believe sum us up pretty damn well. Some might come as a surprise!

  1. You can get your Gozo ferry ticket refunded when travelling to Gozo with one of our Roundtrip cars. Nice.
  2. You can skip the traffic and actually make use of the bus lanes when driving our One-Way cars. No one will even bat an eye.
  3. We have over 450 designated parking posts; parking problems? Not with GoTo.
  4. We have saved 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions over the past two years.
  5. GoTo has over 12,000 active drivers. We’re like one big family.
  6. There are 300 electric scooters distributed across the islands to get you from point A to point B. Scoot over.
  7. Earn free driving credit when referring GoTo to a friend!
  8. You can add a relative or a friend to your account for no charge at all.
  9. Drive for 60 minutes and pay for 33 minutes*! Benefit from reduced morning rates when using our One-Way cars, between 6am and 10am on Monday to Friday. The first driving hour of every trip will cost a maximum of €9.00 (*Rate based on the GoTo Smart plan).
  10. We offer business plans staring from as little as €19 per month. Perfect to help make your team go green!

There you have it. GoTo in 10 bitesized chunks.

Why not join the GoTo tribe? All 3 of our services are available on one, easy-to-use App. Download it now!

GoTo. You’re good to go.