5 reasons why GoTo should feature in your New Year's resolutions

The time has finally come to kick 2020 out of the back door. Whilst we aren’t com-pletely out of the woods yet, after a year of unprecedented weirdness and challeng-es, we’re hopeful for 2021.

Here at GoTo, we’d like to add a bit of familiarity to the end of the strangest year we’ve ever experienced, with New Year’s resolutions!

We’ve always been big on providing sustainable, eco-friendly modes of transport, and in the coming year, we are ramping up our efforts to encourage more and more people to go green.

Here are 5 reasons why we think getting involved in GoTo’s green mobility should feature in your New Year’s Resolution list.

1) You can choose what you drive

Our fleet is made up of cars, electric vehicles and even scooters, all available from 1 easy-to-use App. Your ride, your choice.

2) It’s cheaper than owning and running your own private vehicle.

With no road tax, maintenance bills and insurance policies, car sharing really does keep the pennies in your pocket. Check out our comparison calculator here.

3) Easier than standard car rentals

Your standard car rental involves fuel, deposits and lengthy registrations. With Go-To it’s a simple online registration and you’re good to go.

4) It’s cheaper than hiring a taxi

Let’s face it. Taxis are expensive. Want to see just how much you can save using GoTo instead? Have a browse here .

5) Vehicle sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road.

That’s right. Car sharing decreases traffic and pollutant emissions. According to Eu-rostat, Malta tops the EU leaderboard when it comes to exposure to pollution. By improving air quality, you aren’t just helping to tackle global climate change by re-ducing environmental degradation, you’re improving societal health. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution?

The perfect New Year’s Resolution?

We think so too. Why not benefit from our Extended Infinity Rides offer in January, for unlimited trips for just €40?

Click here for more information.

You’re good to go with GoTo.