Bring in Autumn with GoTo!

Summer’s over. Whilst some of us breathe a sigh of relief, others shed a tear that all the fun that summer brings with it, has come to an end.

Here at GoTo, we don’t think the outdoor fun stops at summer. Autumn and its cooler temperatures give way to activities that wouldn’t have been possible in the frying pan of summer.

Stuck on what to do? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you all the Autumn inspiration you need. Just hop in one of our rides and get exploring.

Have a stargazing session Autumn is the perfect time for gazing up at our galaxy. Try driving out to more remote spots to really get the best views going. Mtahleb, Fomm ir-Riħ and L-Aħrax are just a few killer spots to get gazing.

Star gazing malta

Pack up a picnic Get your friends together in one GoTo ride and have a catch up over a picnic in the Autumn sun. No sweating, no flies. Just food, friends and fun.

Picnic in Malta

Stare at sunset or sunrise Watching daybreak and sunset in Autumn is much more comfortable than in the sticky heat of the summer. We all have our favourite romantic spots. Take a GoTo to yours!

Sunrise Sunset Malta

Head off on a hike Autumn season is hiking season. The countryside’s greener and the temperature is perfect for getting in those miles with your buddies. There are lots of routes on the Island; just make sure to take your mobile, water and a digital route map.

Hiking in Malta

Pitch a tent and camp It’s the time of year for spending a few days living outdoors; without feeling like you’re being baked alive in you tent. Organise a few days away with your mates and get away into nature.

Camping in Malta

So why not get exploring this Autumn with GoTo? Our rides and plans are affordable, flexible and all accessible under one, easy-to-use App.

Get out and about this Autumn with GoTo.

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