GoTo’s New Basic Plan - Now a Plan with No Membership Fee!

Do you love the idea of using a GoTo car, but don’t need to use it regularly?

Perhaps you share a car with your husband and sometimes you just have to get the bus with the kids because he needs the family car for work. Or maybe you already own a car but going to congested places or where finding a parking spot is a nightmare really gets you aggravated and you wish you could get there and park more easily.

If one of these situations sounds familiar, then this is the perfect package for you. It’s just right for people who only need to use our cars once in a while.

Our other packages carry a monthly membership price, but this one has no monthly fee! The package still gives you access to all our cars, anytime, any-where. Our Zoe electric self-drive cars can be picked up from any village in Malta, straight off the street and rented by-the-minute. You will find them in their appropriately marked reserved parking spots in every town and village in Malta and hotspots in Gozo.

First, you need to be a licensed driver for at least one year. You apply online by filling in your details and uploading your personal identification. You will need to wait between 24 to 48 hours until your application is processed.

Whether you hold a local licence from another country, we can still verify you as a driver. Once we have finished processing your application, you will be a confirmed driver. You can now download our free app, which will allow you to open the GoTo cars with your personal pin.

The basic plan has no membership time limit and does not require you to pay anything upon subscription. You only pay €0.35 per minute. Once you book the car on the app, it will give you 15 minutes to find your car.

When you arrive at the car, you simply open your app, press ‘I’m at the car’ and enter your pin code. You get 5 minutes to check the car for damage and get ready to drive. Once the 5 minutes are over or you start the car (whichever hap-pens first), you begin to pay per minute.

It’s really that simple. The app will help you navigate to the closest parking spot at your destination. Just park up, close the car, and you’re good to go.