Beat the summer heat with GoTo

It’s warm. Really warm. It’s that time of year when doing anything seems like an almighty effort. Your air conditioner becomes your significant other. Opening the fridge turns into a heavenly experience and your days are planned around showering.

Grab a GoTo and beat the summer heat with some ideas designed to cool you down and get you outside?

An Evening Hike Want to get some exercise? Or just need your nature fix? Most people hike the coastline in the early hours of the morning, but why not shake it up and set off for an adventure in the cooler dark hours? There are some great hikes around the Island; make sure you go in a group, with torches and supplies - safety first!

evening hike

An Ice-cream Pit stop What better way to cool down? There are some incredible Gelaterias around the Island; Amorino in Valletta, Sotto Zero in St Paul’s Bay and Rivareno Gelato to mention just one in Sliema. And don’t worry about the parking, you’re covered with GoTo.

Ice cream pitstop

Swim with the stars One of the best experiences to be had on the Island. Head down to your favourite beach and lay back in the cool waters gazing at the stars overhead. Whether it’s a romantic date or a chilled night with friends, hop in a GoTo and get gazing.

Swimming under the stars

There’s lots to do outside to help you cool down this summer.

GoTo. You’re good to go.