Car Rental alternatives for companies in Malta

Car Rental alternatives for companies in Malta

As a large business that needs a car available for your employees on your premises, the options are few. There aren’t many rental companies in Malta that offer an alternative to the usual agreements. Most companies will offer you a yearly or multi-year contract for hundreds of euros a month. Some companies require the car to be shared - this is of-ten a big headache because insurance, upkeep and fuelling come along with logistical and reporting nightmares.

GoTo car sharing has brought a new option onto the market. Goto offers solutions for businesses that want to provide employees with transportation solutions for business situations, like going to meetings or going shopping, the service can also be offered as an employee perk by granting driving minutes.

The business plan starts from €19 per month for 90 minutes and can go up to 1350 minutes on our regular Business plans. The exclusive business per-minute rate is only €0.22, which includes Parking, Valletta CVA entrance fee, battery charge, insurance, maintenance and cleaning are all covered within our standard charge.

The system is simple.

When you join GoTo as an employer, you can choose how much you want to pay and what terms you want to offer your employees. All they need to do is register with us by downloading the app and uploading their own paperwork to our registration on our website. Our dedicated B2B sales representatives can guide you through the whole pro-cess.

The rest is simple.

Your company gets 1 invoice per month with all the details you need. You will not need to deal with fuelling expenses anymore because our cars are mostly electric. Our Roundtrip cars benefit from paid fuel too - so there will be no fuelling ex-pense even if they use the hybrid cars.

The great think about GoTo cars is that your employees can use the cars how and when they need. You will never have any rental cars sitting idle, and only pay for the time you use.

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