Car Rental Malta: One-Way and Roundtrip Car Rental

There are many traditional car rental options in Malta. But few will give you the flexibility of a car sharing rental car. GoTo has brought car sharing to Malta by providing vehicles available for private use anytime, directly from the road.

Stationed in the streets of every town and village in Malta, GoTo cars are the best and most flexible car rental option for a 9 great reasons:

1. No hidden car rental expenses GoTo rental cars open with a pin code, through the free app (iOS, Android).

You can register online by uploading your driving licence and proving you're a driver in your country. We will review and approve the paperwork within 24 hours. Once approved, we open a GoTo account in your name, which allows you to hop into any GoTo car in Malta or Gozo at your convenience.

You can choose between different packages:

  • Basic plan with a higher per-minute rate but no recurring membership fees – ideal for if you need GoTo once is a while.
  • Standard plan with a monthly €7 membership package with lower per-minute rates – great for occasional users.
  • Affordable pre-paid packages, at reduced bulk per-minute rates – ideal for needing a car for a few days.
  • Savings package – best for our frequent users.

The options of packages available give you the flexibility of using our GoTo cars as a second family car or as your rental car when you’re on holiday. You can use them for One-Way journeys or Roundtrips.

If you work within walking distance of your office, and don’t own a car, a GoTo car is perfect for when you need to go for a shopping spree, run errands, or moving apartment. Our packages can also be adapted for businesses. Some of our clients, in fact, use GoTo as a replacement for their own rental fleet.

No matter which option you choose, there are no hidden fees. You don't pay for car-cleaning, fuelling or the battery charge. You receive regular bills with a complete, clear breakdown of your account, and you’re also insured under the GoTo scheme so you only pay an access fee in case of an accident.

We have you covered.

2. Rent a car for a few minutes or by the day

You can pickup our rental cars straight from the street. There are many cars available in every town in Malta; you will find them parked in their reserved GoTo spaces, marked with a yellow parking box.

You can use GoTo car sharing cars in two ways:

  • One-Way car rental It is called One-Way because you go from one place to another or one village to the next. You only need to park and leave the car there. To book a One-Way car, you open the GoTo Malta app, find the closest car and press the 'Book' button. This will reserve the car for you for 15 minutes. The app will then con-nect to your favourite navigation app and guide you to your car. Et voila!

  • The Roundtrip Service Roundtrips are different because the car can be booked by the hour and is returned to its original location. You can book it for two hours or for a number of days. This service can be reserved up to 3 months in advance.

3. You don't need any contact with a car rental company (unless you need us!)

Probably the best part of our service is that you don't need to meet anyone or exchange paperwork at any stage.

Everything is processed online. Our service is quick and easy to use. We also have 24/7 customer support and a WhatsApp customer service available during office hours.

You can easily speak to a support agent from your phone or by pressing the support button in any GoTo car. Support is immediate and most queries are resolved within minutes.

4. You can be as flexible as you want with your itinerary - no need to plan in advance.

If you're coming to Malta on holiday or like to play it by ear when you're out and about, the pre-paid package is probably the best option for you.

Tourists can buy a €42 package. This can be used as 150-minutes of driving on One-Way trips or as 6 hours for Roundtrip hours. For example, you can go to Valletta using a One-Way service and spend a day there; in this case you pay on-ly for the time it takes to get to Valletta. Alternatively, if you want to drive to more locations without stopping for long and return to your original location, you can rent a roundtrip for half a day (or longer if you’d like).

Once you’ve bought the package online, you can hop right into a GoTo car on arrival at the airport. Just register before you arrive on the island.

Locals can buy a monthly €99 Savings package. This gives you monthly access to our whole fleet with a top-up of €99 for your driving and discounted per-minute and hourly rates. €99 credit can be used for both One-Way and Rountrips.

5. You can visit the busiest spots without worrying about parking

Probably the best part of using GoTo car sharing's rental cars is the reserved parking.

Some places around Sliema, St.Julians, Valletta, Bugibba, San Gwann, Marsa, and Luqa are very busy 24/7 and it can be very hard to find a space to park. We work hard to provide our service in these areas where it is needed most. Even people who already own their own cars use GoTo cars to travel to these congested areas.

Overall, it works out cheaper than paying for fuel and parking and saves you a lot of time and road rage. Our rental cars are also available in Gozo, so you can drop one off at the ferry in Malta and pick one up once you’re there in Gozo, saving you the car-ferry fee.

Some companies situated in these busy areas are offering our services as a perk to their employees. We, in fact, have a business package that offers discounted rates. If you’re interested, drop us a line at

6. Why we do what we do

Malta is one of the most densely populated places in the EU. Traffic is increasing and so is pollution. GoTo is part of the solution. Our cars help households manage with fewer cars (or no owned cars at all). Knowing that there is an alternative if you need a car and your partner needs it, helps families save on buying more cars. It also helps the congestion problem by keeping cars off the road.

Our cars are also all electric and automatic. They are zippy Renault Zoe's. This means that they do not emit fumes, making them very environmentall friendly too!

7. What are the cars like?

Our One-Way service cars are all Renault Zoe’s and Roundtrip cars are hybrid Toyota Yaris. They are nifty little cars that will surprise you when you drive them. They feel pretty powerful. Like all electric cars, they’re completely automatic and come with a nice display screen that helps you navigate all the car’s functions really nicely.

When parking, you will see that most of our reserved yellow spaces are equipped with electric charging poles. You are not required to plug in the car after parking it. We have members of staff who are responsible to do that for you.

However, you might sometimes book a car that happens to be plugged in. If the car was available for booking, it means that it has enough charge to be used. Renault Zoe’s charge pretty fast. They can recharge a full battery in under 2 hours, and therefore, you are not likely to find a car with too little charge.

If the car is plugged in, all you need to do is unplug the electric cable following the instructions on the charging pillar. It just requires that you release the charger and press the correct button. The process is pretty simple. You will then need to place the charging cable in its appropriate place (the car booth), before driving off.

You start being charged for your ride 5 minutes after you open the car or when you start the engine (whichever comes first). This is a time allowance you can use to remove the charger and/or report damage done by a previous driver.

8. Reporting damage or accidents

If the car is damaged or scratched when you hire it, don’t worry. We have a system for that too. You simply log into the free GoTo app and upload pictures of the car before getting in and driving.

If, on the other hand, you are driving and scratch the car or have an accident, you can use the same reporting system to upload your pictures. If the car is too damaged to drive, just contact our customer support and we will bring a car to you as fast we can, so you have the smallest disturbance possible. All damage will need to be reported and a small admin fee may apply.

9. You’re good to go

If you’re thinking of becoming a member or are coming to Malta and Gozo on holiday, register here to use our GoTo cars. You get a 2-months free trial if you opt for the Standard plan.

We’re dedicated to helping you have the best possible experience. Our in-car support service is available at the touch of a button while you drive and our 24/7 call number is always open for any queries.

You can also WhatsApp us at +356 7906 0924, message us on Facebook or email us on

GoTo is Malta’s easy car hire service - join us and you’re good to go!