Car Sharing at the University of Malta

With 5,556 student permits and only 600 parking spots, you are more likely to win the lottery than find a place to park your car at the University of Malta. Use GoTo car sharing to get to the University and park easily. What is GoTo car sharing and how does it work?

Let’s set the picture… It’s a Monday morning. You have a lecture at 9 am, but you have to set off from home at least two hours before if you intend on driving. First, you must contend with the insane amount of traffic clogging our roads and then you have the even bigger challenge of finding a parking spot at University.

This is where car sharing can make your life so much easier. GoTo is Malta’s only electric vehicle car sharing service. Car sharing involves renting a car by the minute and using it only when you need it. It’s as easy as pie!

With GoTo, you can book one of snazzy purple lightning-striped vehicles 15 minutes before you need it.

And here’s the win… we’ve got six reserved car parking spots right on campus! So, how does it work?

Easy. You register online, book your car through GoTo app and go and pick it up at the closest GoTo parking bay near where you live. You unlock the car with your phone and off you go… no keys for ignition, no petrol, no insurance. Everything is included in a flat €0.28 per minute fee. If you want to opt out of this fee you can choose the Basic Plan which requires no monthly membership but costs €0.35 per minute.

You can also benefit from the Student Driving Credit Scheme when you register using your university email address. The scheme gives you 5% of the trip time used back in free driving minutes. So for every 100 minutes of driving time, you get 5 free minutes added to your account.

Let’s compare the advantages. First of all, you know that you are going to find a spot and not have to engage in an all-out melee just to get to Uni.

Secondly, GoTo cars are electric, so they are green, reducing pollution and congestion on our roads.

Third, you don’t have to pay for parking, and you also don’t have to pay for petrol - most of which is wasted by sitting in gridlocked traffic or going round and round to find a spot.

When you think about it, our standard rate of €0.28 per minute is not that much at all. A half a one-hour trip would cost you about €8.40.On the Basic Plan the same trip would cost about €10.50, but hey you don’t have to decide who’s going to pay the membership fee.

But what if you and your mates decided to drive down together? GoTo cars can fit five people comfortably, so if you do the maths, then you will be paying between €1.70 and €2.10 each for such a trip.

You’ll also escape with your sanity intact, and you’ll probably also save on the money that you would have put into the ‘sweary’ jar. Once you are done with the car, you simply park it and off you go to hand in that all-important assignment.

When it’s time to go home, you can book another car with your mates to take you home, or you might even decide on taking a bus to Valletta to enjoy an afternoon coffee and take one a GoTo car from there.

The choice is totally yours. GoTo puts you in charge of your commute and saves you a whole load of other expenses that are involved in owning your own car.