What to do when the car is connected to a charging station

Car sharing in Malta is a green affair. GoTo One-Way cars are electric, which makes them environmentally friendly and more affordable to use. Some might be a little concerned about the charging requirements of our cars, especially those who are not familiar with the way electric cars work.

Here’s a simple explanation for those who are using an electric car for the first time…

Our electric cars are equipped with a digital display dashboard. This display shows you how much charged the car is and estimates the amount of driving time this charge will give you. This means that you never have to worry about being stranded. You always know where you stand with the charge in the car.

The GoTo app knows how much charge each car has. It does not show cars that have a battery level of less than 20% (around 45-50 kilometres), so no one can book a car that has a low battery charge.

You might have to be careful if you intend to take a car for a longer ride. To avoid being stranded without charge or having to swap your GoTo car with another one, make sure you check the car’s battery level on your GoTo app before booking it. This will tell you how much charge it has and lets you estimate how much you will have left at the end of your trip.

It’s important not to leave a car with less than a 15km range of charge. If this happens, you will be fined. This rule has been put in place because if that happens, we might not be able to drive it to the charging station and the car would require a towing service.

Currently our team takes care of charging all the cars. This means that you don’t need to worry about plugging in the car when you arrive at your destination. In some instances, you may find that the car you booked is connected to a charging pole.

Cars that are charging at a GoTo charging station can still be reserved and used. You will, however, need to unplug the car from its station. The car will have the charging cable stuck to the front of the car – just underneath the car badge.

You will need to first unlock the car and press the charging button inside the car once to remove the charging cable. When the car is locked, the charging cable cannot be removed. After you have pressed the charging button inside the car, you will be able to remove the charging cable easily. Unplug it from the car and also from the charging pillar. The pillar has instructions on it should you forget what to do.

You will simply need to remove the cable and place it in the car booth. The charging cable has a (second) safety cable, which only allows it to be placed in the booth (which is its appropriate place). After unplugging the cable, remember to close the charging hatch. The car will sound an alarm and will not let you drive with the charging slot still open.