The Healing Earth

This year’s theme for Earth Day is Climate Action. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that makes our world habitable. Throughout the last couple of months it’s safe to say that in an unplanned manner Climate Action has been addressed and the results led to positive side-effects on our world.

We have listed down some of these positive effects:

Improvements in air quality

Fresh Air

One of the main impacts of the coronavirus outbreak has been a significant drop in air pollution. In Malta, there were areas which were registering unhealthy Pollution rates of 151 (for context, anything over 100 is seen as unhealthy). Since less cars have been on the road, in the last couple of weeks the same area registered a record-breaking score of 14.

Let’s picture this: What if we had to keep aiming at these scores by ditching private cars and using alternative means of transport instead? The health benefits would be limitless!

The waters in Venice are clean


The waters in Venice's canals are cleaner than they have ever been in living memory. With most of the motorboats not being used, water pollutants have dropped dramatically. In most areas of Venice, residents have been amazed by how clear the water has become. Fish can be seen once again in the canals.

Himalayas visible once again


It has been decades since the Indians in the city of Jalandhar and the surroundings have seen such a scenery. The Himalayas are visible once again due to improvement in air quality. All this was because industries shut down, cars came off the road and airlines cancelled their flights in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

No one would have wanted emissions to be lowered this way. But, if anything, it has also shown what a difference communities can make when they look out for each other – and that’s one lesson that us as human beings should learn.

At GoTo, we are more determined than ever to continue providing sustainable mobility solutions with our shared vehicles. We’ve all got a glimpse of it would be if we had lower traffic levels and fresher air to breath.

So, let’s work together and continue to make an effort towards preserving our environment.


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