Europe’s going EV 🛵 🚗

Here at GoTo, we don’t like to sugar coat things. Research-backed science says it all. The world is warming up; and one of the leading contributors to the greenhouse effect on our planet? Transport. How we get from A to B. As a consequence of increasing our connectivity as a global population, traditional fuel-based transport has caused Co2 concentrations in the atmosphere to skyrocket in the last few decades.

But change is happening. There is evidence that parts of the global community are really starting to alter the way they choose to move, in a shift towards greener, more sustainable methods of transport. Take citizens of the EU.

The EU is going electric like never before.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in Europe. Electric vehicle sales have doubled since 2019 whilst this year, traditional fuel-based car sales have slumped. Global pandemic or not, electric vehicles are increasingly becoming a vehicle of choice.

So why not join in on the green trend with GoTo and give electric vehicles a try. Our range of electric cars and scooters are quiet, quick and clean. By using our electric vehicles, you’re not just playing your part by reducing your contribution to atmospheric CO2 emissions, you’re reducing noise pollution and improving local air quality. GoTo is a vehicle sharing service, so it helps take more traditional fuel based cars off the road; and that, ladies and gentlemen, has a great knock on effect on traffic.

We’re not just eco-friendly and energy efficient; our rates are super affordable and all of our services are accessible via one, easy-to-use App.

Give our green EV vehicles a go — we promise you won’t look back. JOIN NOW You’re good to go with GoTo.