Finding the Best Malta Tourist Map

In spite of modern technology, some of us still prefer to also have a map that shows us where to go.

If you’re planning your trip to Malta and are trying to understand how to get to places and which places are within walking distance, here are a few free maps and how they can help you.

Main Towns

Trying to get around the Sliema and St. Julian’s areas by yourself can be very confusing due to the narrow winding back streets with little to now landmarks to use.

If you’re looking for a simple map to get around, these maps from the Malta Tourism Authority can really help.

If you’re visiting the historical centres mainly, they can be difficult to navigate due to old narrow streets. Here are three maps for you:

  1. A map of Mdina.

  2. A map of Valletta.

  3. A map of the Three Cities. It is very useful because it shows both the old names and the new ones. It’s easy to get confused because you can find the same place referred to with different names here. For example, Cospicua and Bormla are two completely different names used for the same place.

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If you’re booking a GoTo car but still want your traditional paper map - here’s a Malta tourist map you can buy from Amazon.