Get a GoTo car for the weekend in Gozo

Whether you are visiting Malta from overseas or you are Maltese and want to head up for the traditional weekend getaway to Gozo, a GoTo car share can save you plenty of time, money and, above all else, headaches!

You are more than likely going to take some luggage with you, but this is not a problem with GoTo. With rates as little as €0.28 cents per minute (for Standard and Pre-Paid Plans and €0.35 for the Basic Plan, which carries no membership fee), you and your mates can share the cost of traveling around Malta and Gozo. And your luggage will fit into our electric vehicles.

Here’s how it works. You simply download the app and book a car at the nearest point to where you live or are staying. Let’s say Siggiewi. Once you have the car, you can then zip around in our nifty electric vehicles and pick up the rest of the Gozo raiding party and drive to the ferry terminal in Cirkewwa.

If you are heading up for the weekend, it makes sense to take the car over and share the costs. But if you wanted to, you could drop it off in Cirkewwa and take another one on the other side at Mgarr.

Oh, and don’t forget, we’ve got designated car spaces, so there’s no driving round and round the block 84 times to find a spot while you watch 3 ferry boats come and go while you and your mates sweat it out.

Ok, so you’ve landed on the Gozo side. What’s the first thing to do? Coffee and pastizzi in Qala. Once you’ve knocked that tradition over, it’s time to head to your digs. You can drop off your mates and head out for the afternoon, but if you are planning a leisurely day by the pool, you simply drop the GoTo car share at a designated spot and enjoy the surrounding area.

If you are planning a lunch out at Xlendi or Marsalforn, you can either dump your gear and head straight to a mouthwatering plate of pasta, pizza or fish. Remember to appoint a designated driver though; there is absolutely no reason to be drinking and driving, especially seeing as Malta has just toughened up its drunk driving laws.

If, for whatever reason, your driver does go over the limit, you can always leave the car at the designated spot and terminate your trip… it’s that easy and you are in total control.

What to do on a Saturday evening… well that usually involves more food, more wine and more beer. You can use your GoTo car share to make a trip to the supermarket and then just drop it off for the night.

It certainly beats having 10 cars for 15 people, paying for all the fuel and boat trips! Sunday morning is usually a bit of a no-go as there will be a few sore heads to nurse, but no doubt, one hero will have remained relatively sober.

That hero will also have booked a GoTo car share for the morning to buy some pastizzi and orange juice. Sadly, the weekend will be coming to an end by now. It will be time to make the ferry back to Malta and collectively groan as soon as you hit the traffic in Mellieha. It’s still always worth it and, in terms of money, GoTo car share makes it even more worth it!