Why You should be using GoTo to get around Malta & Gozo

Here at GoTo we think we’ve got a good thing going; an especially good thing for an Island like Malta. It’s unique and so it needed a transport service to match. That’s where we come in.

Here’s a quick list to sum up how GoTo is perfectly made for the Maltese Islands.

Malta’s high traffic rate

Stuck in yet another traffic jam, we’ve all been there. GoTo helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road. It is estimated that vehicle sharing potentially replaces 43 private cars. Now you can also beat traffic with our GoTo Scooters. Learn more about our products click here.

Malta’s parking problems

Ever wonder just how much time you spend looking for parking, especially when heading to busy areas such as Sliema, Valletta or any other densely populated areas? No, we can’t calculate it either. With GoTo, you can benefit from designated car spaces which can be found all round Malta & Gozo. Find the closest spot to your destination on our app. Download it today.

Malta’s size

Because of Malta’s tiny geographical size, vehicle-sharing really is a perfect method of transport for the Island and its inhabitants. Nowhere is ‘too far away’ which makes vehicle-sharing a breeze.

Malta’s expensive taxis

This is common in many places; taxis are notoriously unfriendly to your bank balance. Combine the traffic density in Malta and the numbers can rack up very quickly. GoTo offers a much more affordable way of travel; wallet friendly! You can compare our prices from ou.

Malta’s pollution

With a high population density and record high private car ownership, jumping into one of our electric rides can help reduce air pollution on the Island. Feel proud knowing that you are contributing to the environment while driving.

GoTo is really made for Malta. And we’re made for you! Try us out for yourself.

You’re good to go with GoTo.