GoTo car sharing in Gozo; car rental direct from the street

Most tourists think there is only one option to get around Gozo; car rental. This refers to traditional car rental, but now there is a new service in town. GoTo is the car sharing service that is now also available in Gozo.

Car sharing is like car rental but designed for short periods – you can rent a car just for a few minutes or however long you need it. You can just pick up an electric GoTo car from the streets and drive to your desired destination.

Driving in Gozo is a real pleasure and it’s so easy to just pick up and drive an electric GoTo car. In Gozo, the cars are not present in every town. They are, however, available in many prominent areas and hotspots, such as Mgarr (where the boat are located to Malta ports), Victoria (also known as Rabat and the capital city), Ghajnsielem, Ta’ Cenc and Xewkija amongst others. You can check out all of our locations here.

Whether you’re heading up for the weekend to visit the Victoria market or just for lunch with friends, it makes sense to leave your cars at Cirkewwa port and jump into one GoTo car. Gozo is a small island and distances are short. Taking a rental car would cost €15.70 per car (and driver) for a ferry ticket, so chipping in to get one car always makes a great saving.

You can drive up to Cirkewwa and leave your car there. It also gives you the convenience of driving back home in separate cars once you get back to Malta. A regular rented car would not give you this flexibility.

A GoTo car is ideal to get around the main tourist spots in Gozo. Buses in Gozo are more efficient but less frequent than in Malta. They also stop operating early in the evening, so jumping in a GoTo car can really help you get around. However, now that GoTo car sharing is operating in Gozo, you don’t need to worry about being stranded in Gozo if it’s after hours for the buses. You can get around with a GoTo car anytime.

Tourists can register with GoTo before they arrive in Malta. Join by filling in the registration form. Once you have been acacepted, download the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Our pre-paid package costs €42, allowing you to drive for 150 minutes with One-Way service. If you have any questions, contact our 24/7 support service. Our contact centre agents can also be reached from within the car by just pressing the support call button. If you want to contact us before you arrive on the island, call our 24/7 number on +356 2226 8000. We’d be happy to answering any questions you may have.