Introducing the ALL NEW GoTo Moped service!

What’s quick, easy-to-use, cost-effective and got 2 wheels? Why it’s the new *GoTo Mopeds!

That’s right, we’re expanding our eco-friendly family here at GoTo, with the launch of our scooter service. It’s been pedal to the metal for us since our launch in November 2018 and we’ve hit some big milestones! Reaching over 13,000 GoTo users; hitting the 2 million kilometers mark in GoTo journeys, saving over 1000 tonnes of Co2 emissions; and we are showing no signs of hitting the brakes yet. This is only the beginning!

Now, we decided to up our game and make the freedom of mobility even more seamless and environmentally friendly.

Our electric mopeds service is the perfect addition to the GoTo family.

Swapping from 4 to 2 wheels, sitting in traffic jams can be a thing of the past for our scooter service users. With around 300 scooters at your disposal, no Co2 emissions, excellent pricing.

Accessing our new electric moped service is just as easy as our other services; we’ve combined them all in one App*, that’s free to download and super easy to use.

So, whether you’re desperate for a One-way trip, searching for a Roundtrip or needing a quick 2-wheel travel solution, you really needn’t look any further.

And there you have it! The new GoTo scooter service.

You’re good to go with GoTo.