GoTo: The Road to the Future

So, your personal future’s looking bright! Awesome stuff. The future of our natural environment and transport, however?

Well, if no changes are made (and soon!), it’s looking more crowded, polluted and expensive than ever. Transport is globally one of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation, and its effects are amplified on such a small, densely populated island like Malta.

We know. It sounds like we are honking our own horn here. But here’s why we think that our services are not only perfect for travelling around Malta but a great step in the right direction to a cleaner, brighter future for our environment.

  1. With relatively short roads and a high population density, electric vehicles are a no-brainer on the island, thus reducing noise pollution and emissions.

  2. Malta’s tiny size and close knit communities suit car sharing to a tee. Car sharing is perfect for travelling short distances and ultimately reduces traffic congestion by decreasing the number of cars on the road; each GoTo car potentially replaces 16 private cars on the road.

  3. Whether watching your money or travelling on a budget, it’s great for your pockets. See for yourself! Why not check out the nifty tool on our website that allows you to compare the cost of a GoTo journey against that of using your owning car. Also, sharing a GoTo ride with your relatives, colleagues or friends makes the trip cost much less.

  4. With designated car-parking spaces and an easy-to-use app, GoTo rides allow true freedom of mobility for a more holistic and seamless way of travel.

Throughout this year, our One-Way fleet reached 1,000 tonnes in CO2 Emission Savings. That’s as heavy as 150 African elephants! More and more people are jumping on-board with GoTo. Join our eco-friendly vehicle-sharing community today by creating an account at, learn more about our plans

Get on the road to a brighter, cleaner future for Malta!