Why GoTo should become your go-to method of transport.

We all know the age-old saying. Sharing is caring. And whilst you may have no issues sharing possessions, time and energy, your goodwill and consideration may not have infiltrated one very specific area of your life: Transport.

We’ve made a handy bullet point list of the benefits of vehicle-sharing, that may just get you thinking.

Environmental rewards

This is a no brainer. Vehicle-sharing is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint, especially if you try one of our electric vehicles. By sharing, you are helping to reduce traffic-related air pollution, which is a big threat to population health. Last year our rides managed to reduce 1,000 tonnes in CO2 Emission Savings.


Using GoTo as and when you need us, is a cost-effective alternative to renting a car. And in comparison to using taxi services? Well, we’ve got that one nailed. We’re quicker, cheaper and more reliable. Plus, owning a car is expensive; so why not share one? Compare prices with our comparison calculators. Our rates start from €0.19c per minute.

Traffic reduction

That’s right, by sharing your journey, you help reduce the traffic congestion on the Maltese roads. What’s more, with fewer cars on the road, less traffic means shorter journeys, great for your wallet and driving experience. It is estimated that car sharing can potentially reduce 7 vehicles form the road. Now you can also beat traffic with our 300 electric scooters.


Instant access to vehicles - Because you can access any of our 3 services through our easy-to-use App, there is no waiting around for your vehicle to be ready. You can hop in a ride, instantly. Our customer service team is also available 24/7, just like our vehicles.

Easier parking experience

Finding a parking space on the Island, especially in areas like Sliema and Valletta, doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. We have around 450 specially designated parking spaces, meaning no driving round in circles with our GoTo cars. You can park our Scooters anywhere as long as they are parked legally and within our service area.

There you have it. Food for thought.

You’re good to go with GoTo.