GoTo vs Private Vehicle Ownership - Everything you need to know.

Owning your own vehicle. It has its perks. Freedom, flexibility, fun.... but at what expense?

Let's face it, owning a vehicle is not wallet or environmentally friendly. So why not, vehicle-share? You’ll have a ride, as and when you need it, available 24/7 at the click of an App.

Here’s why we think vehicle-sharing with GoTo trumps owning your own.

__More affordable __

There is no denying it, owning your own vehicle is expensive. Insurance premiums and road license. Add on maintenance and servicing, fuel costs and parking fees, owning your own vehicle certainly makes your wallet feel a hell of a lot lighter. With GoTo, all these costs are included, even when opting for our Basic Plan and since these outgoings are spread between all our customers, they are significantly less of an individual financial burden. And that’s not mentioning the affordability of our electric vehicles! Check out our plans here.

__More sustainable __

Simply put, vehicle-sharing reduces the number of vehicles on our crowded roads. By cutting back on private ownership, GoTo users are helping to lower levels of air pollution and making a real dent in their carbon footprint. By using one of GoTo’s electric models, you really are doing your bit for the environment.

More convenient

That’s right. You’re paying for wheels when you need them. With GoTo, we have a full fleet ready and waiting to be driven 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll find us near your home, work and social hotspots; with our designated car parking spaces, you don’t have to circle for hours to find a spot. Find the closest vehicle to you, from our GoTo App.

There you have it. How about reconsidering buying that new vehicle, and get sharing with GoTo?

Click here for more information on the benefits of car-sharing.