Sharing 4 GoTo Vehicles with Red Cross

We’re incredibly happy and honoured to be able to share our vehicles with Malta Red Cross Society, by providing them with four vehicles to enable increased mobility for its team.

Right now we are supporting the recommendations made by the Health Ministry that people should stay home. With that in mind, we decided to put some of our Roundtrip fleet to good use in the community, and the Red Cross is one of the organisations that will be using it to do good.

We’re proud to see our GoTo cars working hard at this time, and being used to take Red Cross volunteers and employees wherever they need to go. The work of organisations like the Red Cross is vital at the moment, as they help to alleviate pressure on the wider local health system.

Or Vehicles are still available for public use and we are continuously monitoring and following WHO advice to ensure they are as safe to drive as possible. We have set up a dedicated webpage with key information about how our customers can make their trips safer, click here to check it out.

Like everyone else, our prime concern at the moment is people’s well-being, so we are doing everything we can to facilitate the wider mission to keep them safe. Once we get past this, we look forward to continuing on our mission to improve urban lifestyle by developing shared transport solutions and providing the freedom of mobility.