Book and Unlock a Car with GoTo Car Sharing App

Step 1


Our live map on GoTo app shows you cars that are free right now close to your location. With just a few clicks you can be driving in seconds.

With One-Way you can find cars for an immediate drive, and Roundtrip lets you book in advance from a few hours to up to three months.

It pays to be quick when booking a GoTo car. You can reserve a car at no cost for up to 15 minutes before you need it. If you need to keep it a little longer, the extension charge is applied.

Step 2


Keep your pin number handy - when you reach your car, enter it into the GoTo app to unlock it.

Treat the car as your own, and enjoy your drive, knowing that all of your insurance, road licence, charge, Valletta CVA fees and parking costs are already covered.

If you need to make a quick stop, you can park in any legal space without ending your hire. Select ‘Stop-over’ from the car sharing app, lock the vehicle and walk away. The car remains reserved for you for a discounted stop-over fee till you return to the vehicle and resume your journey.

Drop off
Step 3

Drop off

Depending on your trip type, return to the same parking spot or drop off in any reserved space.

With One-Way, when you reach your destination, leave the car in any of the reserved GoTo spaces shown in the app and lock it using the app or your GoTo card. You will not be able to end your trip if you park in any other parking space.

On Roundtrips, you can leave the car in the same place you picked it up from in the beginning of your trip.

Any Questions?

We understand that the idea of car sharing may be new to you, and there may be further information you’d like to know before getting started. Or FAQ contains a lot more detail, and we hope you’ll find answers to any questions you may have in there.

If you still have queries after checking the FAQ, we’re here to help. Use our live chat facility, or contact us by email or telephone. We’d be happy to speak to you.