How to get to and from Malta Airport with GoTo

When we think of airport transfers, we often think of organising the trip well in advance and getting ready to pay a hefty price for it. No matter which you go for, taxi or car rental, it’s likely to come with an extra charge for connecting you to the Luqa Malta International Airport (hereafter referred to as Malta Airport or the Airport).

However, Malta has a new way of getting you to and from the Airport.

Malta’s new addition to your transport options steps in to make all the difference. GoTo car sharing provides cars that are parked on the street and ready to be used in every town and village in Malta. It provides 6 cars close to the arrivals terminal at Malta Airport that you can just pick up when you get there. The cars are located behind McDonald’s. You can easily find the cars on the map of GoTo’s app (iOS, Android).

Just download the free app on your phone and use it to open the self-drive electric car. It works like a point-to-point car rental and is called car sharing because the cars are shared between different drivers on any given day.

GoTo car sharing can save you money because you only pay for the time you drive.

It also gives you the flexibility of stopping wherever you want and full privacy – the car is yours once you’ve booked it. As such, the service can also help you get around during your holiday as you cannot hail a taxi in Malta; the service is really convenient for hop-on transport.

It is more suitable than traditional car rental because it helps your itinerary remain suer flexible. You also don’t need to worry about finding a refuelling station or paying for fuel. Hiring a car the old-fashioned way will also cost you more in daily rates (and fuel), not to mention the time wasted on all of the paperwork that is usually required.

With GoTo, all you need to do is register and upload a picture of your valid driving licence. Your application will be processed in 24 to 48 hours.

You can then buy a Pre-Paid Package for €42, which remains valid for a period of 2 weeks. The package can be used for both One-Way and Roundtrip services. Malta is only 24 km by 36 km – so getting from A to B is pretty fast and easy and affordable with GoTo.

Malta has a growing parking problem and it is already difficult to park in most towns. Using a GoTo car will free up the hassle of driving around and around and around looking for a car space, something nobody likes to do.

GoTo’s electric cars have specially allocated parking spaces with charging points; this helps GoTo car attendants charge the car when you return it. All you need to do to pick one up from the airport is pop into your GoTo app and find the closest car.

If you booked a One-Way car, it remains available to you for 15 minutes, and can be picked up from the on-street reserved spots. The app will guide you to your reserved car. If you booked a Roundtrip car you will be instructed where to find it. The car remains booked for you even if you’re late.

Once you arrive, you just jump in and you’re good to go. If you’ve never driven an electric car before, have a look at this article.

On arriving at your destination, you simply park it in the allocated GoTo spaces, which the app will help you navigate to.

Register now to get early access and have all your questions answered by our 24/7 call centre before it’s time to catch your flight. See you in Malta!