How to inspect the GoTo car for damage before hopping on?

Sharing a car can be daunting when you think that you could end up damaging the car without intending to. It’s still a better idea than taking mum’s car though, because you certainly get let off the hook much more lightly if you scratch a GoTo car. Unlike your mum, we will not keep mentioning the incident for the next 20 years to all your friends and new girlfriends. You’re also covered by our insurance, and therefore, you only pay an excess fee of €400 should you have a crash (or €500 if you are younger than 25 or have less than 2 years driving experience).

GoTo has systems in place to help you sort things out quickly and easily in case of an accident. We also take precautions to make sure you are never responsible for paying for someone else’s damage.

To protect yourself against liability for damages found on the car sharing vehicle, we recommend you always inspect a car before using it. It will take just a few minutes of your time. The app will show you the reported damage history of the car, so you can compare the photos to the car, looking for anything that hasn’t been already reported.

To inspect the car, you start by walking around it, checking for scrapes, scratches and dents. It’s important to check the most easily damaged parts of the car such as the back, front, near and around the wheels, doors and also the roof. The GoTo app will guide you through the process of checking the car, so you do not forget to check any part of the car.

It’s also a good idea to have a look inside the car. Check for dashboard scratches, spills, stains and smells. Make sure you check the doors from the inside as these can be often damaged without noticing.

So, what do you do next when you realise that someone else had caused minor damage to the car you intended to use?

When you notice ‘new’ damage that hasn’t already been reported, let us know right away by reporting it as any damage before you drive the car. Take a picture of the offending item and upload it to the reporting section in the app. If the car is damaged so badly that it cannot be driven, kindly call our customer service on +356 2226 8000 to get help.

This system exists for your own safety. It keeps us informed about the current status of the cars and saves you from being billed for someone else’s damage.

Our insurance covers you for any type of damage and costs are capped, so you don’t need to worry about receiving a very expensive bill.