Malta sightseeing: how to make your own itinerary

Visiting Malta can be a true adventure if you get off the beaten track and make your own itinerary. In order to really see the best of Malta, it’s probably a great idea to plan ahead, but you should also leave room for spontaneity. Holidays are about relaxation and a rigid itinerary will make you feel like you spent your holiday fretting.

So here’s how to create an itinerary that is interesting yet flexible…

1. Make a shortlist of all the non-negotiable places you want to visit in Malta

Decide what you would absolutely love to see and do. Create a shortlist of items that are absolute must-dos for you. Those things that you will get #FOMO for if you don’t manage to squeeze in a visit.

This list will look different for different people. Some love to visit museums and locations related to the history of the Knights of Malta; others prefer to visit the Neolithic temples or the WWII memorials from the British period. Whichever is your favourite, make sure you add it to your list. If you like beaching or diving, make sure these are firmly set into your itinerary.

2. Stay flexible – get a GoTo car

If you want to be able to just go anywhere without wasting half the first (or last) day sorting out your rental car, just register for GoTo car sharing and get access to 150 cars located all over Malta. Once you’re a verified driver on our website, you can access any of our cars that are present in every single town and village in Malta. You don’t need to worry about buses or calling taxis. No matter where you are in Malta, you can stay as long as you wish and just book a GoTo car from the street. There is not cut off time like buses and no waiting time. You can even buy a prepaid top-up before you arrive so you’re good to go as soon as you land. You can, in fact, also use it as an airport transfer. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about parking, which can be a nightmare here in Malta. There are GoTo reserved parking spots at every major attraction and in every town.

3. Make time to get absorbed into the real local Maltese atmosphere

To truly enjoy a unique place like Malta, it’s important to keep it flexible. When you meet the locals, you will discover places you want to visit or food experiences you just don’t want to miss out on. The day can take you to a completely new place for a new experience. So, keep your itinerary flexible to truly enjoy the moment and dive into a new place. GoTo is going to be your best companion.