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Transport. What would we do without it? From getting to work and buying the groceries, to discovering new places; being mobile helps us get the most out of the world around us.

But let’s face it, traditional transport with all its fuel heavy engines is not exactly the best for our environment.

With climate change on our doorstep, the pressure is on, to not only develop and raise awareness of greener, more environmentally friendly types of transport, but also make it readily accessible.

And one of these awareness initiatives is happening right now! It’s European Mobility Week, and for 2020 the theme is “Zero-emission mobility for all”, aimed at changing EU citizens’ perspectives on mobility.

European mobility week 2020

GoTo’s here to do just that🌱

We offer a car-sharing service that’s affordable, flexible and easily accessible. You can pick between any of our GoTo plans; whichever suits your budget. Having a GoTo membership also saves on all the eyebrow-raising costs of owning and maintaining car, with transport ready and waiting as and when you need it.

And because not every journey is the same, we’re flexible! You can choose between our Round-Trip, One-Way and Scooter service that are accessible on one easy-to-use app. With our designated car parking spaces and 300+ vehicle fleet, you’re never far away from one of our rides.

So if you really want to make a dent in your carbon emissions, why not take one of our fully electric cars or scooters out for a spin?

Get strated today, click here to create your account.

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Go on. Give changing your perspective a go and get involved this European Mobility Week with GoTo.