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Well. That was a long few months.

Restrictions, isolations, global panic and shut down; Covid-19 has had some kind of adverse effect on life as we know it. But every crisis is an eye-opener; and our eyes have been opened to the heart-warming importance of random acts of kindness, human resolve, family, friends and the little things in life.

And there has been no greater eye-opener than the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the environment.

With people shut in doors and places of work closed, pollution rates took a nose-dive. From dolphins in Spinola to visibility so clear that even Mt Etna could be seen, the effect of movement restriction on the Island gave our natural environment a good old breather.

Here at GoTo, we’re all about planning for a cleaner, more sustainable future and we are proud to offer a service which can see our population actually continue to benefit this breath of fresh air, post Covid-19.

It’s simple. Private vehicle use is the largest contributor to poor air quality. By using our vehicles, you contribute to reducing air pollution by minimising the number of vehicles on the road. Less vehicles on the road means less traffic and as a result, Co2 emissions take a plummet, along with noise pollution and commuter stress levels.

From the start of our journey in 2018, we have managed to save 1.5 tonnes of emissions! Let’s work together to take a step forwards, towards a sustainable, long term transport solution.

So why not settle into a new sustainable ‘normality’? We know you want to.

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