When to Choose a One-Way and When to Choose a Roundtrip Service?

We now offer two models for rental on different terms that fit different situations.

GoTo’s One-Way Car Sharing Option

If you need to quickly zip from A to B, then the regular car sharing service will work fine. You book a car 15 minutes in advance and off you go. Our standard plan members pay €0.28 per minute and a €7 monthly membership fee. Some opt for the basic plan, meaning they don’t pay the monthly membership but just use the cars at €0.35 per minute.

The basic option is, in fact, better value for people who only need the service once in a while.

This One-Way service is ideal when you need a car on the fly… going to a meeting in a congested areas like Valletta or Sliema, or getting back home after a night out with friends. Just book and hop into a GoTo electric car in no time at all.

GoTo’s Roundtrip Car Sharing Option

This service gives you the assurance that a car will be available for you when you need it. You can pick it up from a number of designated private spots on the island. The Roundtrip cars are located in private car parks, not on the street. The GoTo app will show the car locations when you place a booking.

You can book the car up to 3 months in advance and can, therefore, be sure that the car will be available for you on the day that you need it. These car sharing cars are Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

You will need to refuel them, especially if you book them for a few days. However, we have arrangements for you to refuel for free at our partner fuel stations. This means that you don’t pay for the fuel. The rate for the GoTo Roundtrip car is all-inclusive, just like our regular service. We will also give you a €4 credit to compensate for the time you take to fuel the vehicle.

The Roundtrip service is ideal for times where you know you need the car to be available for when you need it, for example, when you’re moving home, going shopping or planning to spend a day on the beach.

Our hybrid cars cannot be parked in the yellow GoTo reserved spots; these are only for electric One-Way cars. The Hybrid Toyota Yaris Roundtrip cars are allowed to park in the regular white parking boxes instead.

Final Word...

You can book one of these cars (One-Way or Roundtrip) no matter which plan you’re on. On the Basic, Standard, Savings plans or prepaid packages you will pay, on average, between €6.50 and €7.50 per hour, plus €0.05 per km, depending on which package you choose. The cars can also be booked by the day; prepaid day-rates start from €52.

To learn more, check out our FAQs or call us on +356 2226800.