Pick up a GoTo hop-on car rental from Malta Airport

There is nothing more exciting than landing in a place you’ve never been before. Walk out of the airport, ready to bask in the sun. But before kicking off your holiday, you have to get to your hotel and offload your luggage. You’re probably wondering if you need to get a car rental at Luqa Malta International Airport (hereafter referred to as Malta Airport).

There are many ways of getting to your hotel from Malta Airport; however, few are as hassle-free, flexible and cost effective as GoTo car sharing.

Jumping in a GoTo electric car will cost you €0.28 per minute on the Standard Plan and €0.3c on the Basic Plan. That’s much cheaper than an airport transfer if you’re heading to the busy centre, Sliema or St.Julian’s area. The trip should cost you a mere €8.40 for the 30-minute trip – and this isn’t per person!

It’s a sure way to save on your airport transfers and all you need to do is book the car using GoTo’s app 15 minutes before you need it. By using the app, you will be able to locate the car and book it so you it’s there waiting for you when you arrive. There are 6 car sharing parking bays at Malta Airport allowing you to travel from and to the Airport with GoTo with ease.

It is advisable to register for the service before you land on the rock though. Getting verified as a valid driver requires verification from GoTo and that can take 24 to 48 hours. You can apply with any valid driving licence and, as soon as you are accepted, you can download the app and you’re good to go.

If you have queries, the call centre can be contacted from anywhere, just add the country code 00356 (or +356 from mobile) to our 24/7 number 2226 8000. Our agents will be happy to guide you.

GoTo cars are very convenient and the best money-saving option to travel to and from the Airport. Our cars also offer you the flexibility of jumping into a hop-on car anytime your itinerary takes an unplanned turn. If you like to keep your options open, GoTo is definitely the best solution for you.

It also allows you to easily predict how much your travel costs will come to. When buying prepaid top-up, you can be sure it will suffice for your holiday and you know the expenses are capped, because the cars don’t require fuelling as they are all electric. You will also not be asked to cover any insurance or cleaning fees. So, you know your budg-eting will not suffer any surprises.

Still wondering if this is the best option to get around during your holidays? Contact our call centre now on +356 2226 8000 if you have any questions. See you in Malta!