GoTo celebrates Pride Week with dashing rainbows

GoTo is supporting diversity with 4 brand new cars carrying a dashing rainbow - on the roads just in time for Pride Week!

Yes, our purple lightning dash has been replaced by the colourful diversity rainbow symbol to show our support to the local LGBTI community in Malta. Look out for our cars with the rainbow zigzag - they’re the queens of our fleet.

We have recently surpassed our goal for the first year of operation, reaching 8,000 subscribed users to our car-sharing service. Since driving change is close to our hearts, we felt inspired to celebrate Pride Week in our own little way. Every little bit of awareness and support helps - we wanted to do ours.

As our CEO Liran Golan aptly said… “At GOTO, we celebrate diversity and inclusiveness across our employee base and people we serve. Pride week is a great opportunity for us to praise the LGBTIQ community and remember the importance of valuing diversity and freedom of choice, not only for thriving as a company but also as individual human beings.”

Our goal is to expand shared mobility in Malta to reduce congestion and pollution on the island by offering different ways to travel. We provide cars that can be hired straight off the road on a per-minute rate and cars that operate our Roundtrip per-hour service. Both are available to individuals and also companies.

Some local forward-looking companies have already jumped on our business-to-business packages to offer their employees driving benefits. At GoTo we are making company cars much cheaper and accessible to employers and employees that work in areas that are congested as well areas where it’s really difficult to park.

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