How can I earn free driving minutes with GoTo?

GoTo car sharing is offering a great opportunity to get driving minutes, whilst spreading the word about the new environmental-friendly car sharing service. It’s a sure win-win for you, your friends and family.

So, how can you benefit from free car sharing minutes already?

First, you will need to be a registered car sharing member and user of GoTo cars. To register, you simply go to our website at and fill in the registration form. You will be asked to submit a valid driving license, personal information and a credit/debit card details.

Once your details are verified and your license is validated, you will be given a GoTo car sharing account. The verification process might take up to 24 hours.

You will then be able to access this on-the-go using the GoTo app that all members can use to find and access the GoTo electric car fleet. Once you’re up and running and start using the service, you can join our referral programme. This allows you to refer a friend to GoTo.

Then your friend will need to register as a GoTo member with a promo code you will share and get their license validated too. Once your friend makes their first paid drive, you and your friend will both get €10 credit for driving (if you are a Standard Plan user)!

Yes, a €10 credit for every person you convince to try our services. Start referring your friends now by logging into your GoTo app and clicking on the ‘Get Free Rides’ button. Just share a promo code via email, message or Whatsapp. Enjoy driving for free with the GoTo Referral Programme!