Roundtrips - Fuel and Connection

GoTo Roundtrip cars are great for camping weekends to Gozo trips to running errands and attending meetings. We have listed down some points to keep in mind whilst you're using our Roundtrip cars.


Depending on the distance, you may need to refuel cars during your trips either to get to your destination or to ensure you're returning the car with a minimum of 25% of the tank full.

We make it easier for you to get a car refueled by offering a list of petrol stations we're partnering with. You won't need to pay anything to refuel Roundtrip cars in the locations listed below. In case any of these fuel stations are closed, during your Roundtrips, you can send us the receipt and we will refund you for fueling costs.

Don't forget that there's a fee if you return it with less than that, ok? You can check the list of all fees here.

You can refuel the cars for FREE in Malta and Gozo on any of the stations listed here


Our vehicles can experience connection interruption whilst in areas with poor phone coverage. Should you wish to park or stop in any of these areas, please follow the following steps:

1) Please leave the vehicle's engine on

2) Put the car in "PARK", and pull handbrake up

3) Lock the car from the GoTo App

4) If you can not open the car's doors from the app, call our customer service on +356 2226 8000. They will be happy to open the doors for you

Here are the locations where you may experience poor phone coverage:

Round trip - Gozo locations - poor connection locations

Furthermore, please do not to park anywhere underground; even in a farmhouse as communications will be lost.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The GoTo Team