Standard rates and fees

Standard per-minute rate

0.28 EUR

Standard monthly membership fee


Savings plan (includes 400 min for 30 days, additional minutes charged at €0.25 per minute rate)

99 EUR

Pre-paid plan for tourists (includes 150 min for 14 days, additional minutes charged at €0.28 per minute rate)

42 EUR

Stop-over fee, per minute

0.14 EUR

Extended reservation rate per minute

0.14 EUR

Cancellation fee (the first 5 instances at no charge)


Vehicle reservation fee for the first 15 minutes


Credit for future usage of GoTo Malta’s services in the event of connecting the vehicle to the charging stations

2.8 EUR

Membership card replacement

10 EUR

Pre-authorisation on debit/credit card which will be voided automatically between 3-7 days after the registration


Excess fee for drivers younger than 25 years old or with less than 2 years driving experience

350 EUR

Excess fee

250 EUR

Handling fee for traffic or parking fines

20 EUR


50 EUR

A fee if the vehicle is returned with a battery charge of less than 15 km

50 EUR

Smoking violations

50 EUR

Vehicle towing fee

150 EUR