No plans for the holiday yet?

See you next year January! Onwards to February and besides looking forward to Valentine’s Day, we’ve got our eyes on the 10th; it’s the second public holiday of the year and boy, aren’t we going to make the most of it.

Whilst meeting your friends might not be feasible this year, there are plenty of safe, fun ways you can celebrate the public holiday with GoTo.

Stuck for ideas? No problem.

We’ve included our top 3 list of things to do with GoTo on the Island to celebrate the public holiday, that also take into consideration social restriction measures.

1) Trip to Gozo

We all know that Gozo is gorgeous this time of year. With less people and the winter rains, Gozo is literally transformed into a lush green haven during the colder months. It’s the perfect time to explore the myriad of small towns and villages, whilst taking a step back in time to the slower lifestyle of years gone by.

Our Roundtrip service is the perfect ride to get around the sister island - We even refund your Gozo Channel Ferry fare!

2) Visit that site

We’ve all got one. That cultural site which you know everything about, but have never actually visited. We’re all guilty. Why not hop on a GoTo scooter and take the opportunity to actually see the site for yourself?

From Ħaġar Qim and Ġgantija to the Inquisitors Palace or Fort St. Elmo, it’s a great time to experience a bit of local history first hand, without the crowds of tourists. Check out Heritage Malta for a full guide to Malta’s best cultural gems.

3) Have brunch outside

So large friends and family gatherings are off. Why not make your smaller brunch a little bit special? There’s plenty of room in our GoTo cars; pack up a picnic and get out into the fresh air with your family or friends for brunch al fresco! How about heading to Ta’ Qali or Salina Park? We’ve even got designated parking spots at these great locations just for you.

Getting on-board with GoTo is simple. Three services, all under one, easy-to-use app. With free designated parking spaces and super affordable rates, you really can make the most of this public holiday.

You’re good to go with GoTo.