Are you a student? This is why you need to be using GoTo.

Hey you! Are you a student? Whether you’re a fresher or finishing up your PhD, there is one word that is enough to break any student into a sweat. PARKING. And the sheer lack of it. How many of the nightmares below have you or your mates experienced?

Have you ever had to:

  1. Park miles away with a bag full of books and a laptop?
  2. Wake up at 6 a.m. to make sure you get a parking space?
  3. Drive around the ring road for hours on end?
  4. Queue for hours at the gateway?
  5. Strike a deal and give strangers a lift to their car to take their parking?
  6. Completely give up, park badly and get clamped or get a fine?
  7. Ask for a lift? Again.
  8. Run after the bus when you're late, then realise you didn’t pack your deodorant?
  9. Begrudgingly order a taxi and then find out your lecture is cancelled on arrival?

Sound familiar?

Well, don’t stress. Here at GoTo, we think we have the perfect solution; an easy app-based car-sharing service.

Here’s our handy list to sum up why we think you should add car sharing to your lifestyle.

  1. We have ample parking spaces around the University, MCAST, Junior College, Higher Secondary and ITS.
  2. Our parking spaces are close; save your energy for your lectures.
  3. It’s economical, especially if you carpool with your mates.
  4. No need to pre-plan; book your car 15 minutes before you leave.
  5. You avoid clamping/tickets.
  6. You avoid traumatic bus journeys.
  7. Contribute to the environment with electric cars.
  8. No fuel costs.

So, why not leave the stress for your studies and get on board with GoTo? Benefit from our current student offers by sending us an email on