GoTo or Taxi; Which is better for your wallet?

The festive season is upon us and if wallets could speak, they would groan. Actually saving any coin may seem completely impossible. With a million and one places to be, transport costs in cabs and fuel can reach figures that would even knock Santa’s hat off.

But did you know, you can save this festive season by switching from your conventional Taxi service to a GoTo plan?

Whether you are Christmas gift shopping, having your annual catch-up with friends, heading to a corporate dinner event or going to lunch with family, GoTo has your transport sorted. Can you hear your wallet breathing a sigh of relief?

How are we so confident that using GoTo services instead of conventional cab rides can save you money? We have created a nifty cost comparison calculator on our website; click here to check it out at. In many cases, the cost of your journey is almost halved. Just fill in the journey time and distance covered and let our calculator do the rest.

Add on the moral satisfaction of doing your bit for environment. Relax knowing that you have an exclusive car-parking spot when using our one-way trip. We offer a wide variety of pricing plans. All of our services,area ccessible through one, easy-to-use App, download it today. You really can sit back and relax into the festivities.

You’re good to go with GoTo.