Top Places to Eat in Valletta

If you have been lucky enough to visit Malta before, the thought of the top places to eat in Valletta will be enough to send your taste buds into an intense tango.

Malta loves its food, and although there is a strong bond with traditional dishes, the foodie revolution has really taken place. The staples of rabbit, pasta and seafood still hold strong, but the revolution of ramen, Mexican, regional Italian and most importantly, the concept of fusion, have really taken hold.

So… if you are visiting Valletta, just book your GoTo car off the street – download the app and you can enjoy some culinary magic without having to shell some cash out for taxis or parking fees.

It’s never easy to pinpoint the top three of anything, but here’s our recommendations for getting a darn good feed with our top three eateries in the capital.

For ripieni and cheap, good wine

Hands down, the best place in Malta for ripieni, which literally means ‘filled things’, in Italian (in Italy and around the world, they are commonly known as ravioli), is Crianza.

The typical Maltese variation is ‘Ravjul’ – pronounced ravyul. These guys take it to an extra level. With dishes serving up salmon, artichoke heart, porcini mushroom and ricotta with endless variations, your mouth will be watering for more.

They have a very good wine selection too, but be warned if you are intent on driving a GoTo car back home; the glasses of wine are more like buckets and they are super cheap too. Crianza also serves amazing pasta, risottos and pizzas.

Booking is not usually required, but if you have a big party, it is recommended. Seriously guys, this place is a hidden gem. 33 Archbishop’s Street… Trust us; do it.

Meat, pasta, pizza and a quirky museum

Good food is aplenty in Valletta, but we want to give you something else. Take a bow, Rampila. When you walk into Valletta, you will be blown away by the sheer assault on the senses caused by sights, smells and sounds. Look to your left on the bridge and you will see a gorgeous courtyard nestled in the fortifications.

Rampila is nestled away in a slightly hard to find corner. The easiest way to describe how to get there is walk past the entrance and take your first left (up the steps) and then look right when you get to Hastings Garden. It hasn’t even got a street name.

Fish, meat, pasta, and a huge selection of wine… it’s to die for. Oh, it’s also got a super quirky museum about older Maltese times in the cellars. The mannequins are awful and the exhibits even worse but it makes it what it is: an interesting and must-do experience! Rampila’s food is just delicious.

Maltese food – Gourmet style

Rubino’s has been on the go for donkeys’ years. It takes traditional Maltese food to a whole new level. Thinking about trying Maltese rabbit stew? You certainly should and when a 10-year-old bottle of Shiraz goes into it… well… we can’t really explain how good it is.

Spaghetti with clams… sure… Roast pork… sure… but we’ll add some prickly pear liquor to it… Pork belly… yes… but some borage (it grows here and it sure beats the hell out of spinach) elevates it.

Think of any Maltese delicacy and Rubino’s will provide. It’s not the cheapest, but it could well be one of the best restaurants our country has to offer. Miss Rubino’s and you haven’t experienced Malta, let alone Valletta.


Just grab a GoTo car and head to Valletta every day for lunch or dinner and let us know what you think.

There’s honestly too many to mention and it all depends on taste… Try these for sure, but explore, get out there and become a Valletta Foodie!