On Holiday in Malta and Considering Renting a Car?

We have a cheaper and more efficient transportation solution waiting for you.

Get around Malta by using GoTo car sharing service!

What Is Car Sharing and How Does It Work?

Car sharing is a revolutionary alternative to car hire. Register, download the GoTo app and use the map to locate one of our cars. Use the app to unlock the door and drive away.

You don’t have to pay for battery charge, fuel or insurance. Our rates are all inclusive! The price is only €0.28 per minute for one-way trips and €7 per hour plus 5c per kilometer for rountrip journeys.

Our Pre-Paid plan is ideal for holidays. It is payable upfront at €42. That gives you 150 minutes for one-way trips or 7 hours of driving time when using roundtrip cars.

The package stays valid for 14 days, meaning you can relax and know you’re covered for your whole vacation.

Need more driving time? No problem. If you exceed the €42 driving credit, you can keep using the car. Additional minutes are charged at a rate of €0.28, while a €7 hourly cost is applied for roundtrip booking.

Check out our membership plans for more details.

With most rental options, you’re left waiting at the airport in long queues just to pick the vehicle up. Often you end up paying out more money for insurance and topping up the fuel before you bring it back. None of these problems exist with the GoTo car sharing service.

Find out why GoTo service is a better option for you.

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