Have a peek at the masters behind these Maltese crafts.

Malta. The Island packed with beaches, medieval cities, exquisite churches and colourful feasts on almost every day of the year. Ever wondered about the traditional Maltese artisans themselves?

To give you a glimpse into our Maltese culture, we’ve recommended a few places to visit, where artisan goods are still very much alive.

__Ta’ Barbetta - Traditional bakery __

Ta Barbetta has a reputation that proceeds itself in the South of the Island. Legend has it, you can’t actually walk in for bread and walk out without bags of delicious baked treats, from cakes to roasted nuts and sweet buns. Trust us, even the smell when driving past the bakery in Zejtun, is enough to get your tummy rumbling!

__Is-Serkin (Crystal Palace) - Traditional Pastizzeria __

Yes we know. You can’t seem to turn a corner without coming across a pastizzi shop. But for the very best fluffy filled pastry, you have to visit Is-Serkin in Rabat. Is-Serkin is dedicated to providing the ultimate pastizzi experience.

Tad-Doughnuts ta’ Ħal Qormi - Best doughnut joint

It sure doesn’t look like much, but just like a jam filled doughnut, looks are certainly deceiving. This doughnut shop has been going for generations and is always packed with doughnuts you never knew existed.

Joseph Busuttil - Traditional Lace Makers

You can’t experience traditional Maltese crafts without wondering at the intricacy of Maltese lace. This family owned business in Valletta is a favourite, and features a wide variety of handmade lace creations, be it doilies, table clothes and even jewellery.

__Mdina Glass - Traditional Glass Makers __

You have probably seen pictures of the famous Mdina Glass, but nothing prepares you for seeing these handcrafted pieces up close. Head down to Mdina Glass in Ta’ Qali, to watch these talented glassmakers work.

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