Where to find hidden beaches in Malta

Most visitors in Malta will tell you that even though the whole country fits into 316 square kilometres, you can and will find something new to see or do every day.

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Malta and Gozo’s best known beaches are Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha and Mellieha, but there are hundreds of other hidden gems around the island where you can swim in crystal clear water.

Here’s our favourites…

Peter’s Pool

This one is off the beaten track. The world was kind to Malta when it carved out these natural aquamarine swimming spots. They are not quite pools, but they are certainly blue and there’s plenty of smooth rocks to lie on.

It’s great for snorkelling too. Peter’s Pool was made famous by Titti, the dog that performs synchronised dives with her owner and was featured on BTV.

Ghar Lapsi

Over on the West Coast of the island, you will find the delightful rural village of Siggiewi (which is worth a visit in its own right).

Only 10 minutes away by car, you will find Ghar Lapsi, which is formed between two sheltered bays.

The spot is popular with locals and it is also a good scuba diving and snorkelling spot. You can sit under the cliff shade or take your own umbrella with you. There’re also some great secluded little restaurants nearby too.


If you head down to Gnejna, another popular sandy beach, you can literally find a man in a speedboat to take you to il-Blata. In Maltese, blata means rock, and this place is inaccessible except by boat.

It used to be an LQBT favourite, but a lot of people from different walks of life go there. A great hideaway if you ask us that you must visit.

Mistra Bay

One of Malta’s few pebble beaches, Mistra Bay is found tucked away on the way to Mellieha in the North. On the main carriageway, start to look for signs. You will take a left under an old stone bridge and then a right.

A little bit further on, you will find this incredible spot, which is also popular with the locals and features an alcove on the beach.

Imgiebah Bay

A lot of people think that this bay is only accessible by sea. There are ways to get there on foot though! One way is to drive as far as you can into Santa Marija Estate in Mellieha and walk (it’s about 20 minutes over rough terrain).

Another way is to drive as far as you can into Selmun and walk the rest of the way. Again, it’s not for the faint hearted, but well worth it once you are there.

Gozo Beaches

Gozo has a plethora of hidden beaches. These include Dahlet Qorrot, which is found just off Marsalforn. Another is San Blas on the coastal outskirts of Nadur.

You can also swim in the inland sea in Dwejra or enjoy the steep cliff facades of Mgarr ix Xini or Wied Ghasri.

Mgarr ix Xini beach Malta

There are plenty of other hidden spots that you will just have to discover for yourself!