Why GoTo?

Let’s face it. We’re constantly being told what we should and shouldn’t buy, what we should and shouldn’t do. It’s tricky to sift through it all and see what’s actually worth our time and attention. We get it.

Here at GoTo, we like to make things simple. Give you the facts, and let you see for yourself whether what we do, is for you.

We’re confident we’ve got a good thing going and here’s why.

Simple set-up Goodbye long registration process. Creating an account with GoTo is as simple as A, B, C. Want to see for yourself? Head on over to https://join.goto.com/mt/

Over 450 vehicles That’s right. Choose from our One-way, Round-trip and Scooter range. With this many vehicles, availability is never a problem. Want to go green? Our electric range is most definitely for you.

Phone app All of our services can be accessed on one, easy-to-use App. It’s free to download too.

Pay as you go A set of wheels as and when you need them. You’re not paying the cost of road tax, fuel or maintenance for a personal vehicle.

Designated parking Forget having to go round and round in circles for hours looking for a space to park. We have designated parking spaces, located in the busiest and most popular areas on the Island.

Add on exceptional, affordable driving rates and a contribution to reducing the country’s carbon emissions by vehicle sharing. We feel we really can sing our own praises.

So why not get on board?

You’re good to go with GoTo.