Benefits of Car Sharing


The more people who share cars instead of using their own, the less congestion there is, and the more parking becomes available.

Our service is also environmentally friendly. We use electric cars which means that there’s less pollution in the air.

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Our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety equipment to ensure the safety of our drivers. It is a well-known fact that electric cars are fast! So we encourage our drivers to do their part and drive safely by following speed limits and road instructions.

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GoTo car sharing is a more cost-efficient alternative to renting a car the old-fashioned way because the insurance, Valletta CVA entrance fees, road licence and fuel costs are all included within our standard charge.

Most people don’t need a car every minute of every day – you just need it to get you to and from somewhere. GoTo’s service means you only pay for that journey, and nothing else.

GoTo is also a great alternative to a taxi when you need a car quickly. We’ve calculated that our service is only around half of the cost of local taxis. If you’re splitting the bill between 3-4 people who ride with you, it’s almost as cheap as a bus fare!

Our car sharing service isn’t just for tourists. GoTo car sharing service offers a car whenever and wherever you need it, without the financial burden that comes with owning a vehicle. Car ownership means paying for fuel, tax, insurance, parking, maintenance, cleaning and maybe even loan repayments. Because these costs are shared by all of our users, the cost to you is reduced significantly.

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GoTo cars are available whenever you need them; we operate a 24/7 service and have locations near to your home or place of work.

A big positive to using our service instead of a normal car rental is that access to your vehicle is instant – you can book through the app and collect a car at any time.

Our service is digital and modern, but we also provide customer care every minute of every day in case you have difficulties. Great customer service is just a phone call away.

A lack of parking spaces in Malta is always problematic, but we have the advantage of exclusive parking reserved for our users. You will always have somewhere convenient to park.

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