Why GoTo car sharing is a good alternative to your company car

Traditional car rental for business can be a very expensive affair, even when you strike a fair deal. Very often it also becomes a burden for the company and the employees alike.

When a company car is given to an employee, this car is paid for 24/7 but sits idle a lot of this time. The employees also need to take care of fuelling the car and repairing any damage they might cause.

This usually turns into a long list of fuel and insurance receipts for the boss to approve and accounting to process. Some companies even have complicated systems that pay employees’ fuel costs based on the miles driven during working hours. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Why go through all this trouble when you can pick up a car sharing vehicle anytime you need one?

Car sharing offers a great alternative to companies. It saves you the expenses for long-term agreements with the car rental companies and completely eliminates fuel expenses. It also provides an opportunity for your company to be more environmentally friendly.

If your company operates from a place where there isn’t very much parking space, you will find that car sharing resolves your parking problem. When employees need to go to a meeting outside, they can have someone at the office, perhaps a receptionist, arrange trip sharing too (this will make the service even cheaper).

Using GoTo car sharing will also help make your employees more punctual. This happens because they don’t have to waste time parking the car at their busy destination. GoTo cars have reserved parking spots in every town. This translates into around 10 to 20 minutes of time saved, because you don’t have to drive around looking for parking.

GoTo offers a business solution that makes a full fleet of electric cars available to you without any financial commitment, annual costs or long-term contracts.

We offer a business account option, which covers up to 15 drivers. The business account gives you a discounted per-minute rate for all your drivers when you pay a company membership on a monthly basis. You can get started for just €43 per month. Your employees will benefit from the special rate of €0.22 per minute. ou can also benefit from our Roundtrip service, which allows you to book a car for a few hours put to a few days. This allows you to make sure a car is definitely available to you on important dates. The cars in this case, can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

Parking, Valletta CVA fees, electric battery charging, fuel for our Roundtrip hybrid cars, driver insurance, car maintenance and carwashes are all covered in the monthly business membership fee.

Booking and managing our cars is super easy. We will also help you by consolidating all your month’s expenses into one monthly invoice. This means less pa-perwork for you and your employees to process and more time to spend doing what matters.

Your business account administrators will get online access to your account, allowing them to add or remove drivers, access invoices and update company information on the fly.